A Look Into the Trump Administration

Old meets new in Conservative leadership


Donald Trump’s ascension to office will be met with a cautiously optimistic Republican party. While supportive of his Reagan-esque free market stances and social conservative values (and running mate), policies such as trade protection and Trump’s CEO-style of delegation may be a bit harder to swallow. Nevertheless, early supporters of Trump are expected to benefit the most from his victory–earning a place on his executive team.

Below: Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, will be the face of the traditional Republican party in working with Trump


The Freedom Caucus Under Trump

Does the group have purpose under the Trump Administration?

The outspoken right-wing Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives has been a thorn in the side of Republican leadership, but a Trump Presidency may put an end to the group’s tactics and purpose.

Below: Trump and Dave Brat (R-VA), current leader of the House Freedom Caucus